PhillyVoice Features Olde City Escape Games

Olde City Escape Games on PhillyVoice.jpg

Olde City Escape Games has just been featured by PhillyVoice in an article showcasing what makes Olde City Escape Games so amazing and unique! 

Highlights from PhillyVoice writer Virginia Streva:

"This is an artfully designed space with intricate and original stories that you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Not only are these games inspired by Philadelphia’s rich history, but all the rooms were carefully designed. The vibe and look is something akin to the “designed rooms” you would see at exhibits such as Refinery 29's 29 Rooms.

It's a big part of designing for us to be able to have control over the design of the game’s story. Even our lobby space – we just wanted our venue to be a unique experience, to be comfortable, welcoming and completely us,” Bell said.

While historical, the themes in their games touch on magic and mystery just as well, adding a personal touch of surreality to it.

We plan on [our] games challenging the typical conventions of what's considered entertainment and contributing this to Old City."

As escape room owners who chose to develop our own games with a special team of collaborators and friends, the positive feedback we've received from our players and the press here solidifies why it was so important to build our games and business from scratch. We never could have felt as proud as we do had we purchased a franchise, and we are so happy to call Olde City Escape Games our very own. It's really something wonderful to be able to craft original experiences into an hour for our guests. 

Read the full article here.